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Every postcard reminds me of something, and I share that shomething here

May 12, 2016

"I study Social Theory & Practice" because I can focus my education on Criminal Justice & Incarceration reform. It's not easy to study or digest, and our system is pretty fucked up. I feel a societal responsibility to be educated on these issues. This is something that really matters, and I hope people start to realize that. 

- Peace and Love - "



A few days after I received this postcard, I observed a criminal trial - something I strongly encourage everyone to do at least once. I'm not at liberty to disclose details from the case, but there's so much more from the experience that educated me than the logistics. 


It wa...

May 11, 2016

A few weeks ago I came across a book by Barry Schwartz called Why We Work. It is a continued discussion from this Ted Talk. In the book, I saw this anecdote:

A hospital custodian, Luke, received complaints from a patient's father for not cleaning his son's room. Luke had just cleaned the room, but the father didn't see it as he was outside smoking. What did Luke do next? He cleaned the room again. He knew that father's son had been paralyzed for a long time and had been in a coma. He understood the frustration and did what he could to make that father's day easier and to care for him. 

Is Luke required to do that? No. Luke'...

May 10, 2016

Q: Where have you been?

A: Volunteering - a lot of it. Preparing a graduation surprise for my best friend (aka a one-girl video production with 20 cast members). Design/print YMI postcards. Spending quality time with my friends...Short answer: Committing to the commitments I had made in the past.


Q: Is YMI on pause?

A: It was, for a week. A few serious and emotionally-demanding events took priority during the last week of April. I paused postcard distribution to work through them one by one. Other than that, I've been working on the project every day. The main purpose of YMI is to create space for people to proces...

April 19, 2016

YMI turned one month on April 14th! So many changes have happened since the last time I wrote on this site, and each one of them is worth celebrating with a page-long tribute. This is my first tribute, to the change that started all changes. 


It happened 40 days ago.

 This slip of paper was all that I was given when I withdrew from this semester in college. I found this in my purse today and had an outburst of gratitude. It felt like I've been away from school for a long time, but it's only been 40 days. When I was surfing in my thoughts earlier today, I listed all the changes that this slip of paper ha...

March 31, 2016


"Changing the world. Making it a better place, one day at a time. Also. It is interesting, or actually - fascinating! I just can't stop thinking about research ideas ...

p.s. I also had, and still have doubts. Today was a 'good day' though."



I got 5 postcards in the mail today. This one stood out, because each paragraph reminded me of a word that I've been thinking about lately. The first paragraph reminded me of "impact."




Few days ago, my mom sent me this picture. I'm saving my thoughts on that first remark for another day. It's what the second mom said that flashed through my head when I...

March 31, 2016

"I worry that I will never live up to my full potential."


Bite more than you can chew. That was my motto for a long long time.


Coming to college, I had way too many interests: theater, film, fine art, music, languages, environmental studies ... the list goes on. I thought there was no better place than college to explore all these things and I still do. As a result, every semester I ended up having a packed schedule with classes in a bunch of different areas and extracurricular activities in even more different areas.


I had this theory that if I could just take on a little more than I thought I could handle, I'd push myself to...

March 30, 2016

 "I wanted to make a difference. I thought completing a competitive and exclusive program would help me to 'make a difference.' I don't like it. I wish I picked something else. I wish I was happy. I am going to take some time off after I graduate to restart my life and try again." 


To celebrate this first postcard I received through Y.M.I. I'm sharing here, semi-briefly, how this project started. 


Have you ever talked to someone for the first time and felt like you've known each other for years? I have, with myself, the moment I had the idea of YMI. 

Before I paused college (Here's why), I hadn't talked with myself f...

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