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Hi !

My name is El. One night in 2016, I was talking with a friend about feeling like I'm living on auto-pilot. I wanted a space to process my thoughts, so I created whY aM I.
Since March 2016, I've been making cards with prompts like the ones you see on this website and leaving them in public spaces for people to take and use however they want. YMI is here when we need a space to reflect, dream, find joy, or just let things out. 
All YMI cards are free. This project is run via public donations. If you'd like to have YMI postcards for your venues, events, or just for fun, drop me a message and I'll send them your way. If you'd like to support YMI financially, clicking here would do the trick.
Thank you, for sharing your time and attention with YMI. 

With Love,