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A Job

May 12, 2016


"I study Social Theory & Practice" because I can focus my education on Criminal Justice & Incarceration reform. It's not easy to study or digest, and our system is pretty fucked up. I feel a societal responsibility to be educated on these issues. This is something that really matters, and I hope people start to realize that. 

- Peace and Love - "



A few days after I received this postcard, I observed a criminal trial - something I strongly encourage everyone to do at least once. I'm not at liberty to disclose details from the case, but there's so much more from the experience that educated me than the logistics. 


It was a jury trial, and both sides had witnesses. Both counsels were calm, if not gentle, when giving their opening statement to the jury, and they remained so throughout most part of the trial. Understandably, neither counsels softened their tones when objections were being raised the other side. However, when one of the defendant's witnesses was testifying, it was hard to watch and not get furious. The prosecutor's demeanor was the furthest thing away from polite or respectful. She interrupted, with a blaming attitude, the witness repetitively. At one point the witness needed to explain a policy and started by saying "the policy is complicated." 

"Let's make it not complicated," she demanded before the judge had to step in and ask her to stop interrupting. 


"What are you trying to show by being so rude?" I thought to myself as I was observing, "That everyone testifying against you deserve zero respect?" The trial ended with the jury announcing "not guilty" and the loudest cheer and applause blasted out in the courtroom. I left the court feeling relieved - I thought the result was just - and frustrated at the same time. For a moment, respect was thrown in the air and emotions were manipulated in that room.


"She's doing her job." I was told this by another observer at the trial.



That word "job" kept ringing in my head.

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