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Q&A - New Postcards. New Questions.

May 10, 2016

Q: Where have you been?

A: Volunteering - a lot of it. Preparing a graduation surprise for my best friend (aka a one-girl video production with 20 cast members). Design/print YMI postcards. Spending quality time with my friends...Short answer: Committing to the commitments I had made in the past.


Q: Is YMI on pause?

A: It was, for a week. A few serious and emotionally-demanding events took priority during the last week of April. I paused postcard distribution to work through them one by one. Other than that, I've been working on the project every day. The main purpose of YMI is to create space for people to process their thoughts and feelings, whatever they are, and to acknowledge them. That part of YMI happens on a daily bases when I give postcards out to people and talk to them about the project. I'm working on integrating website updates into my daily routine. This coming week I'm dedicating most of my screen time to updating my journey online. Check back in tomorrow and there'll be something new :)


Q: Why aren't you updating the website and social media more frequently?

A: Right now my priority list goes like this:

My health and well-being

My friends & family

Giving out YMI postcards and talk to people about YMI

Documenting my journey

Sharing my journey online

I give the first two items as much time as they need from me. I give the last item all the time I'm capable of giving. 


Q: So new postcards. Why did you change the design?

A: When postcards go through the mailing system, they get a few marks on the back. Sometimes these marks make the response hard to read (e.x. the bottom of this postcard below), so I moved the response space to the other side of the postcard.

The new design has instructions written on the back, and with a bigger response space, people can do more than just write! 


Q: How did the new questions come about?

A: I changed "whY aM I feeling stressed" into "whY aM I feeling ___ ." It is important for me to do something and show that all emotions and feelings as worthy of being expressed. Anger, stress, joy, emotion is bad or useless. If you're happy, good. Joy is contagious. If you're sad, good. Your heart is helping you process what you've been through.  


I've always wanted to ask people why they work the job they're working. I want to break the assumption that only certain jobs are creative and fulfilling, and the first response I received did just that. Meanwhile, for people who aren't satisfied with the work they're doing, my hope is that this postcard will serve as an opportunity for them to start making changes. 







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