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40 Days

April 19, 2016

YMI turned one month on April 14th! So many changes have happened since the last time I wrote on this site, and each one of them is worth celebrating with a page-long tribute. This is my first tribute, to the change that started all changes. 


It happened 40 days ago.

 This slip of paper was all that I was given when I withdrew from this semester in college. I found this in my purse today and had an outburst of gratitude. It felt like I've been away from school for a long time, but it's only been 40 days. When I was surfing in my thoughts earlier today, I listed all the changes that this slip of paper has brought along:



I turned from a night owl to a morning bird.

I found the strength to let go of what doesn't serve me, to say no to things that some, if not many, are saying yes to.

I started a journey of passion, a beautiful one.

I found my definition for self care: to become the person I need to become.

I realized that things are not always linear, that repaying a person can be done with kindness and kindness only (thank you Mary Karr).

I learned to live as if this is my last healthy day, literally (thank you Mitch and Morrie).

I am learning to honor all of my emotions and embrace the "dark" ones - I've learned that they actually aren't all that dark


Here's to 40 days. To Changes. To this journey called YMI. To dreaming. To being grounded.


*A note on my update frequency:

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to you for reading this and supporting me. As you may have noticed I'm not writing on this site as often as I used to. The reason is that I now only give myself 2.5 hours screen time every day. I'm what most people would call "half blind." Therefore I started to pay attention to the usage of my eyes. Recently my work as a tutor and photographer has been taking up most of my screen time. I'm still writing on a daily basis, with pen and paper. I should start to have more spare screen time during the summer, and I'll type up the missing journals as soon as that happens. 

With Love,



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